Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still Working On Names

MoP is drawing near and I STILL haven't named all my pets yet! :( My original goal was to give all the ones without existing proper names new nicknames before the expansion. There will be so many new pets to rename once MoP is out, might as well do what I can now, right?

I'm nearly done, but I'm stumped on some pets. Maybe I'm just not that creative/imaginative? At one point I gave up on being unique and just named all my baby raptors after days of the week lol.

Sure, I could give them random names like Joe, Alice, etc. But I'm picky and would prefer that their names have some meaning/reference to what they are. Then again, some pets can be named anything, really. Still, I do my best to come up with appropriate nicknames for my little ones (even if some of the names might not make sense since the reference is a bit obscure/unpopular heh). :)

The main groups that I can't seem to think of new handles for are the dragonhawks, moths, and lamps/lanterns. There are other misc companions that I'm having trouble renaming too.

Here's the list of my renamed pets and the ones that haven't been given a new title yet.

I'm going to have to brainstorm hard for some of these companions. Hopefully I can get them all renamed before September 25.

If anyone has any good ideas, I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Remember I did a post some time ago with a few names for every pet I could find (at the tmie). :D

    1. @arcanewordsmith: I'll have to go check that out again. :)

  2. Your link to the names no longer works

    1. @Anonymous: Thanks for letting me know. Fixed now :)


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