Friday, September 7, 2012

The Future and Planning Ahead

WarcraftPets is preparing for a huge update prior to MoP. Tons of new information will be available, including (but not limited to):
- new pets!
- pet levels by zone
- pets that can come in multiple colors
- which pets are tradable and which aren't
- pet families and passive racial abilities
- pet skills
- and more :)
In addition, collection tracking will better accommodate the new account-wide system.

Believe me, there's no end in sight with how much data that needs to be and can be included. It will be a neverending process of updating even after the website has been updated lol.

The deadline to wrap things up is coming close, so I've been putting in extra time to try and get as much completed as possible. But it's all for the love of pets! :D

The revamped WarcraftPets has not been release yet, but in the meantime, you can check out The Godmother's Minipets Database to get a small preview of all the upcoming pets.

It's straightforward and lists where to find a specific companion, the pet family it belongs to, its item quality (if applicable), and whether or not it's tradeable and can battle.

This information will be useful if you are going to plan ahead and prepare a strategy and course of action for collecting all the new pets.

And yes, there are really over 500 pets in MoP. Keep in mind that there are a handful of companions that are no longer available, and that some are region-specific. Most collectors will have enough room for the new pets (and a few duplicates) even if they own one of each (available) pet.

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