Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Minute Beta Testing

I'm spending some time on the beta before the server shuts down, and the main thing I'm trying out is the tamer quest line.

Here's an updated thread of the entire tamer quest chain.

It's going well so far, although I might have stumbled onto a potentially irritating bug if it is indeed a bug.

The Battle Pet Bandages, that you have a chance to from the Sack of Pet Supplies (reward for completing the tamers quests), normally don't have a cooldown when used. However, when you use the Revive Battle Pet ability and then use a bandage, the latter is put on the same cooldown as the ability.

I don't know if this is intentional or not, since a CD on the bandages was never really mentioned. It kind of renders the bandages a little pointless if the CD is meant to be incurred when used after the main healing ability is put on CD.

The bandages are supposed to be an alternate way of healing your companions when the Revive spell is on CD and/or a stable master is no where to be found. Putting them on the same CD as the Revive ability pretty much makes them useless, unless they're always used before the main heal.

Well, we'll see. Hopefully this really is just a bug. ;)

Other than that, the quest chain is seamless and awesome. It's quite enjoyable, although the travel time is somewhat tiring. I found that it's necessary, though, because after defeating each tamer there's a 5 minute debuff that prevents you from engaging in another Pet Battle with a new tamer.

By the time you reach the next tamer, the debuff should be cleared or nearly finished.

The experience gained from the second tier quests and on is really nice too. I've been using higher level pets, and they don't earn as much experience as pets of appropriate level would receive, though. But the dailies even award experience, so I could see these quests and dailies as great ways to help leveling a second, third, fourth, etc. pet team.

Unfortunately, only the Grand Master Tamer dailies reward the Sack of Pet Supplies, while the normal tamer dailies only reward gold. This is significant since the bag of loot has a chance to drop the Porcupette pet lol.

After completing the entire tamer quest chain and unlocking all the Grand Master dailies, you'll have 11 chances to receive the Porcupette companion each day. But don't forget that most of the tamer quests from the main quest chain also reward a loot bag too. So it's possible to find the Porcupette even before starting on the dailies. ;)

I haven't completed the entire chain, and I don't think I will before the beta ends. That's ok, though, because I'm looking forward to doing it all on live when MoP comes out. :D

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