Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leveling With a Buddy

Ding! I'm finally 90. It was quite the grind, and I had to grit my teeth every time I saw a wild pet that I couldn't capture yet. Not to mention all of the other non-wild pets that I couldn't get a hold of.

I did manage to snag one non-wild pet while leveling, though. Yay for the Hopling!

Quite the odd cutie, no? :P

The achievement that rewards this pet was pretty fun to complete. It was somewhat frustrating at times, especially since there isn't a counter to track your progress and the little guys can hide in the most obscure places. Track humanoid works wonders, though, and made it possible to complete on the first run.

This pet will forever hold a special spot in my collection (plus others for varying reasons). Why? Because it was my first pet in MoP and my traveling companion while I journeyed to level 90! :)

Well, now that I'm past the level grind, it's time to get down to business before raiding starts up. Pet Battles and collecting all the new pets! :D


  1. I've had a couple odd things happen, like catching Crimson Moth and Wharf Rat in battle, and it says they've been added to my journal but there are no entries for them. Keep in mind they are the secondary fight, so yeah, stuff like that probably doesn't count, but you can catch them!

    .. and being on a PVP server is frustrating as hell. No only do you end up getting ganked, you lose the pet you were fighting, so GG if it's a rare one. Oh, and lets not forget being ganked and griefed from other server people as well. HURRAY. srsly fml.

    ALSO! I've been camping out the baby ape and I found out rather quickly that the rain on the mainland doesn't coincide with rain on Jaguero Isle.. sadly. so still waiting for a rainfall there.

    Overall though I am having a lot of fun with pet battles, but like you said, it's a bit frustrating to level with pets you can't obtain yet lol. :)

  2. Those pets I mentioned are now showing up *boggle* also, I got the baby ape SO CUTE. :D And I did the achievement you mentioned tonight. Thanks so much for your blog :)

    1. @pandy: Glad I could help, and congrats on the Baby Ape!


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