Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pandaren Monk Sale

With MoP only about a week and a half away, Blizzard is having a special sale on the Pandaren Monk. For one week, the price will be cut in half and instead of $10, this PetStore companion will only be $5. :) The sale ends on September 17, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT).

So if haven't added this little guy to your collection yet, maybe now's the time! What better pet to accompany you into the panda-themed expansion than a panda pet itself? ;)


  1. That reminds me. When MoP was first announced, I immediately thought of this pet, and that it seemed awkward we would have a member of another race as a "pet". Does this not feel unseemly to anyone? :-S Once in a BG long ago, someone jokingly remarked that Druids should be kept as pets. I was playing a Druid and I thought "Hey! That's not nice!" Of course I wasn't honestly upset but the joke relied on the fact that it was a demeaning proposition. Does no one else feel the same? To be clear, I'm seriously not freaked out about any of this, I just think it's odd. I'm kind of surprised that I've never seen a similar sentiment expressed. I suppose one could roleplay that it's an adoption of sorts...
    Any thoughts?

    1. @Anonymous: It does seem a little strange lore-wise, but overall I think it works in its own way. Rather than being the "owner" of a Pandaren Monk companion, we could be its guide instead. And as for the smaller non-adolescent size... a rare case of Pandaren Dwarfism lol?

      The way I see it is the same way I view the Moonkin Hatchlings. They're druids, an actual playable race, but they're just small/baby versions who need some guidance around Azeroth. :)

  2. I like your view on it :). I can't believe I overlooked the Moonkin Hatchling, essentially the same scenario, and also the fact that they are officially considered COMPANIONS and not pets. That one word really makes all the difference! I feel much better about it all now, lol. Thank you for that quick and enlightening reply, Quintessence. Keep up the good work and good luck coming up with names for everyone. Wish I had some ideas for you, but the thought alone of naming my own collection sends me into a panic attack!


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