Sunday, September 23, 2012

Almost Time

That's it! I've finally renamed all my pets, at least those that don't already have proper names. 161 companions with unique nicknames? Done!

I think I'm ready for MoP now lol. Cleared my quest log, I have an entire bag ready and waiting for me to hoard all the new goodies from Pandaria (won't be nearly enough bag space, I'm sure), and now all my pets have new names. I hope I'm not missing anything!

The revamp to WarcraftPets is coming along nicely! Still crossing my fingers that it will all be ready for MoP.

There's so much information crammed into each pet profile page, I really hope everyone finds it all useful. The last thing that I want is useless details getting in the way of pet collecting. I'm eager to hear feedback on the updated website once it goes live.

Other than that... bring on MoP!

Oh, and since the beta will be shutting down soon, I decided to take one last screenshot.

Yes, that's a skeleton on a raft having a tea-party and/or picnic. But that's not really what caught my eye. No, it's the two birds that made me take a second look.

I talked about a gorgeous little area a while back, Owen's Wishing Well. That's when I first discovered the beautifully colored kingfisher birds in Pandaria.

They're not critters, not capturable, and seem to be just part of the environment. It's such a pity, though, because they are absolutely stunning and I would love to add one to my collection.

Needless to say, when I saw two kingfishers sitting on this morbid little raft, I had to stop and admire them.

Maybe one day. :)

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