Friday, February 12, 2010

Cataclysm CE Pet

with the news about the gryphon hatchling and the wind rider cub being official blizzard store items, and the toxic wasteling being the new love is in the air festival pet... what's left for the expansion's collector edition companion?

if blizzard chooses to follow in the same line as wratch of the lich king, a suitable companion for the next expansion's collector edition would probably be a whelp from the black dragon flight. or even baby deathwing himself!

when i think of the next expansion, i get an image of molten giants emerging from the cracked and torn landscape. perhaps a baby molten giant would also be a fitting CE pet?

there are really so many mobs/creatures that would go well with a "cataclysmic" expansion, but the biggest question is "am i going to buy the CE version to get the pet?"

my answer would be a hesitant no. i've yet to buy any of the CE so i feel as though all those special pets should be off limits to me. the TCG and blizzard online store bug has already bitten me in the butt, and it's quite frustrating (especially for my wallet). i'd much rather stay away from shelling out even more money if possible. =\

then again... if they come up with a vanity pet just so amazing i cannot pass up, perhaps i can ask great father winter for a CE version of the next expansion :P
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