Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Is In the Air!

this year's valentine's day seasonal is spectacular and full of lovely surprises.

i adore the newest addition to my vanity pet family. after a few runs, the Toxic Wasteling dropped for us. much love to my guildies who passed for me. thank you so much :)

unlike the disgusting oozeling, the toxic wasteling has a lighter color and has no aura. they are both the same size... at first.

the toxic wasteling is a really fun pet. he'll literally pounce on nearby critters without reserve. his appetite is truly an amazing sight to be seen, as he NEVER stops eating! after 3 critters, he stops growing though. but add a pet biscuit... and giant wasteling is indeed very giant.

i'm ecstatic that blizzard added this pet to live servers. i had lost all hope in ever seeing it since there was little to no news about the wasteling. it's definitely a pet fit for a mad scientist. :)

in other news: it looks as though blizzard has nearly completely revamped the love is in the air in game festival. the new quests are pretty interesting; my favorite being the running goblin. stormwind's new "love boats" are pretty neat as well!

and last but not least, i think all pet collectors can rejoice now that peddlefeet can be bought with 40 tokens. no more waking up at random hours of the night/day in order to combat the RNG gods!
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