Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Long Wait

just checked my order status for the wind rider cub and gryphon hatchling. they've been shipped! i'm so excited even though i'm not entirely thrilled about the plushies. like i mentioned in another post, i'm considering giving the stuffed animals away to family or friends. who knows though, i may suddenly become attached once i actually come face to face with the little guys.

my guess for their arrival date is around the second week of march. yea, i chose the super-snail-mail option instead of the overnight delivery. can't blame me, i'm putting myself on a budget!

i'm so anxious, i hope they arrive in a timely manner. i've heard horror stories where blizzard store items were delivered waaa~ay past the due date. while i don't think this is a frequent occurrence, i still can't help but be a little nervous.

my worries won't be settled until plushies are in hand, and codes have been redeemed to the proper character. until then... *chews on lip*
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