Monday, February 22, 2010

Pet of the Week - Westfall Chicken

today i'll be reviewing the westfall chicken. i remember this pet being fairly rare pre-bc since it was from a quest that was cleverly "hidden." the only reason i found out about it was after seeing someone in ironforge with the (formally known) prairie chicken, and then doing some research on how to obtain one of my own. it was quite fun spamming the emote at a chicken in westfall while all the lowbies were questing around me. they must have been so confused as to why on earth a druid would waste time playing with chickens. XD

why i love it
my favorite thing about this vanity pet is the way it's obtained. the westfall chicken is another example of how clever and sneaky blizzard can be. but that's ok in my book because i love easter eggs! (and easter... chickens? :P)

what i would change
being one of blizzard's earlier companion creations, this pet doesn't have an on-click vocalization! a mute chicken! the horror! so i would definitely give it a "squawk" or something chicken sounding.

as for idle animation... well maybe it's just me, but i think it would be cute if it periodically laid an egg. whether or not a chick hatched from said egg would be random.
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