Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pet of the Week - Baby Blizzard Bear

this week's review is about the baby blizzard bear (and it's also a day late >_<). this pet was handed out to all players who logged in on blizzard's 4th anniversary and is account bound. this means any future characters that i create on my realm will receive this little guy in the mail, courtesy of one of my other alts ;)

the baby blizzard bear's model is a recycled skin from poley.

why i love it
it's a small, furry ball of white fluff! from his oversized paws to his tiny black eyes, the baby blizzard bear is adorable. plus he matches perfectly with the big blizzard bear mount.

what i would change
being a representative for blizzard's anniversary, i would have expected some sort of indication that this vanity pet is entirely unique to blizzard. instead, this companion looks relatively... common. it's behaviors are pretty tame in comparison to some of the other pets.

i would add an animation exclusive to this vanity pet to give it a more exceptional quality. perhaps when idle, it will spontaneously burst into dance (modeled after the druid bear form dance animation)?

with a new (idle) animation, it would balance out its re-used model and become a less common companion. it's cute as it is, but for being such a "rare" 4 year anniversary gift, it's quite... boring.. which is probably why i don't take this pet out very often.
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