Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pet of the Week - Argent Squire

this week's pet of the week will feature the argent squire. i remember working towards getting this er... "pet". the grind was rough, but it was worth it. now i have a banker, mailbox, and vendor wherever i go!

why i love it
did i mention i have a banker, mailbox, and vendor wherever i go? :) yes, the upgrade was even more tedious to get than the argent squire himself, but i don't know where i'd be without the argent pony bridle. it comes in handy when i'm in the middle of nowhere, bags full, and not another person or mailbox in sight.

the fact that the squire mounts up when you're mounted makes it even better. gotta wonder though, where on earth did he get such a tiny pony? and how is it possible for him to ride bareback like that?!

what i would change
for starters i would lower the cooldown on the mailbox, banker, vendor option, and increase the amount of time that i have to speak with him about whichever option i've already chosen. perhaps 7 minutes for the mailbox, banker, vendor? with a cooldown of 2 hours instead of four? would that be so unreasonable?

another thing i would change is to give him the option of repairing too! gosh, you'd think that since he can visit a vendor he'd be able to find someone to repair my gear too. sure, he'd have to lug my shoulderpads, boots, gloves, etc. around. but isn't that what he's been trained to do? :P

also, the squire being a human boy is less than ideal for my female night elf. wouldn't it be more fitting if my squire were someone from my home city? someone trained and taught the ways of my kind to better assist me should i need the assistance? well, i guess that's just a minor detail.
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