Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Future of Blizzard's TCG

UpperDeck made their official statement about the end of their contract with Blizzard. it's scheduled to conclude by the end of march.

normally this wouldn't bother me all that much since i was never really into the TCG. but this has piqued my interest mainly due to the fact that with UD no longer printing/shipping the cards by the end of march, will the companion pet loot cards suddenly jump in price? if blizzard has not started printing and shipping on their own by the time their contract ends with UD, will the loot cards suddenly become an even rarer commodity?

i wasn't planning on purchasing any loot cards in the near future, however, in light of the possibility of a spike in price for a while, i may consider jumping on the bandwagon a lot earlier to take advantage of the relatively "cheap" prices now.

then again, i suppose it could go the other way and loot card prices could get even cheaper after blizzard begins their own TCG system.

part of me is nervously waiting for another announcement by either blizzard or UD about the printing/shipping status of the TCG once their contract is over.

talk about a collecting addiction, huh? x_x
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