Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeding My Addiction

just when i thought there would be pet-news downtime, blizzard decides to surprise me with... more possible pets!

mmochamp has datamined 2 pets from the 3.3.3 PTR:
* Frigid Frostling
* Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
and warcraftpets has announced that currently on the PTR, the blue clockwork rocket bot is a vendor pet in dalaran! that leaves us some room to speculate about the frigid frostling, but that's ok. who doesn't love to play "guess the pet"? :P

i love when they add a vendor pet + an unknown/drop or earned pet at the same time. even those who don't have the time or energy to farm and work for rarer pets get some love too. it's a nice balance for both hardcore collectors and casual collectors.

warcraftpets has also introduced a very interesting prospect that really caught my attention:
"If Blizzard simply replaces TCG pets with Pet Store pets, I'm sure many a pet collector will be very grateful!"
so very true and such a wonderful idea! why on earth didn't i think of this?

if they were to add all the TCG pets to the blizzard petstore, it would make them more widely available to all players (and possibly for less than the ebay prices). since they're supposed to be "rare", i wouldn't hold it against blizzard if they decided to up the price on the TCG pets in the petstore. it would probably still be cheaper than ebay though.

hooray for more pets just over the horizon! i feel i've been revived and renewed :)
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