Monday, February 15, 2010


how disappointing. looks like the lunar festival will continue to be one of the few companion-less in-game holidays. i can just imagine all the other holidays pointing and laughing at it. poor lunar festival. so left out. even day of the dead which lasts only a couple days has an event specific vanity pet. D:

there hasn't been any word on a winter Olympic themed pet or mount yet either. i'm hoping for a surprise after this week's tuesday maintenance though. we'll have to wait and see.

next in-game holiday will be nobelgarden and then children's week. i'm looking forward to both and the prospect of new vanity pets! especially children's week. i'll be completing my collection by picking up the wolvar pup. yay!

as for nobelgarden.. well we'll see if a new companion is in order for this seasonal event. at the moment, i can't imagine a better fit than the spring rabbit.

pet collecting really is such a strong addiction. whenever there are periods of time where are just no new pets to report on or discover, i feel a heavy sense of withdrawal. i wonder if i'm just weird.
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