Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 - More New Stuff!

patch 3.3.3 just keeps turning up more and more pet goodies! the newest potential pet found on the PTR is the Celestial Dragon. MMO-Champ has it listed with the summon value of "Essence of Competition", so it's sounding as if it has the potential to be this year's olympic themed pet?

it looks pretty awesome! i just hope i don't have to PVP too hard to get it. >_<

other pet news is that the pet bombling and lil' smoky will no longer be bind on pick up. this means engineering is no longer required to obtain these two pets.

this one is kind of a win/lose in my book. i dropped one of my main professions, spent quite a bit of mats and gold lvl'ing engineering to the appropriate skill level, and after i crafted the pets, i dropped engineering and had to re-lvl my main profession again. all. in. one. day/night. so as you can imagine, i'm slightly disheartened that the two engineering pets will be easy for anyone to pick up after patch 3.3.3 goes live. the "special" quality of these two pets will be somewhat lost.

but for those who are new to pet collecting and/or don't have the drive/ability to pick up engineering just for the companions, this is most definitely a win. you can expect the AH to be flooded with engineering pets after the patch. heh.

still no word on the frigid frostling. it may be one of those datamined pets that blizzard doesn't go live with until months after being discovered. we'll see.

i'm not entirely sure how i should tag this post. the prospect of a new (and cool looking) 2010 olympic pet is definitely a perk, but the changes to the two engineering pets? eh... that one's a toss up for me.
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