Thursday, December 20, 2012

All Color Challenges Complete! (For Now)

I actually finished all color challenges shortly after my previous screenshot post, but only just got around to taking screenshots of all of them.

I'm relieved that I finished this prior to the log out fix change. The method of relogging to try and get a different pet skin (only worked with secondaries) came in really handy towards the end of my collecting adventure.

Originally I did it the hard, slow, old fashioned way where I searched for primaries that were rare and a specific color, but after so many possible color challenges that got REALLY tedious. (It did allow me to level up quite a few pets, though.) Utilizing secondary pets that were rare helped a lot.

I'm pretty disappointed that they made removed the ability to do this. It's kinda heartbreaking, especially for those just starting out on progressing with their collections. :(

Anyway, for now, and as far as I can tell, I'm done with all color challengs! All pet models in all available colors, and all wild pets in rare quality.

Whew. It was a fun challenge! I can't wait to see what future challenges pop up. :)

Top: Temple Snake
Left column, top to bottom: Coral Snake, Rattlesnake, Rat Snake, Grove Viper
Right column, top to bottom: Emerald Boa, Moccasin, Coral Adder, Snake

Both: Tundra Penguin

Top: Spirit Crab
Left column, top to bottom: Strand Crab, Emperor Crab
Right column, top to bottom: Spirebound Crab, Shore Crab

Top: Oasis Moth
Left column, top to bottom: Gilded Moth, Fungal Moth, Grey Moth
Right column, top to bottom: Luyu Moth, Silky Moth, Crimson Moth

Top: Giant Bone Spider
Bottom: Desert Spider

Left column, top to bottom: Bandicoon Kit, Sky Bandicoon
Right column, top to bottom: Masked Tanuki Pup, Bandicoon

Top: Devouring Maggot
Bottom, left to right: Festering Maggot, Maggot


  1. Wow, excellent job, congratulations!

  2. For the moths i can't really tell the difference between the whites/greys types. So confusing ~_~ !

    1. @Avarre: The Grey Moth is special in that its wings are a bit more translucent than the other grey/white colors, and if you have your graphics turned up, it emits sparkling dust particles.

      If it's tough to see the different between wing color, next best indicator of a skin difference is by looking at the eye color.


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