Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Next..

My updated to-do list in no particular order:
- 75 pets to level 25

- all wild pets rare

- raid boss pets

- level all pets to 25

- upgrade all pets to rare

- color challenges / replace ex-color-changers

- Brawler's Guild, get rank 4 for Clock'em

- level/earn rep on a horde character for horde guild "pets"
Unfortunately my resto druid isn't cut out for the Brawler's Guild, so I'm going to have to level an actual DPS character for that. It'll take me some time as I haven't worked on leveling any of my other alts this expansion. There's just too much to do!

That being said, I haven't had much time to level my other OTHER alt on the horde side. I'm in a guild where both guild "pets" are unlocked, I just don't have the reputation to purchase them yet.

On top of that, I need to get to Northrend for the Argent Tournie quest reward companion. Ahhh!

Other than that, leveling and finding Battle-Stones to upgrade pets will take some time, but I plan on breaking up the monotony by doing random color challenges and finding rares in specific colors that I need.

Hopefully if I spread it out between leveling, upgrading, and self-challenges, I won't get burnt out or grow tired of pet battling/collecting.

I think getting bored with pets is going to be a challenge in itself, though. :P


  1. The Guild Page and Guild Herald are per character pets, so even if you get the Horde versions, you will only see them in the pet journal on the character you purchased them with.

    This does not apply to the Alliance/Horde Balloon and the Argent Squire/Gruntling, they will be in journal for all characters if you get them on any character.

    1. @Anonymous: Yup, I know. It's still a goal of mine to collect all the pets, faction/toon specific or not. :)

    2. I suspected that might be the case, i'm the same way :)

      I just wanted to make sure you were aware since the Guild Page and Guild Herald are outliers, being the only pets that aren't account wide, and you can see both factions versions in the pet journal on any character.



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