Sunday, December 9, 2012

Six More Color Challenges Complete!

In order to break the monotony of just grinding out pet levels, I decided to go on a color challenge spree. Most of these were already nearly complete, but I decided to finish them off.

It's really fun trying to complete a color challenge for a specific pet model. At the end, I feel really accomplished, and my collection gets one step closer to being "complete". But let's be honest, a collector will never run out of things to hoard! :P

Why haven't I included some of the most basic pets like rats/mice? Honestly, those are so common and the colors aren't exactly all that inspiring. :x I completed that color challenge without even trying so it wasn't worth noting imo.

Anyway, every color (that's available to players) plus all wild pets are rare quality. Many screenshots after the jump!

Top: Savory Beetle
Left column, top to bottom: Beetle, Twilight Beetle, Fire/Lava Beetle
Right column, top to bottom: Crystal Beetle, Dung Beetle, Gold Beetle

Top: Eternal Strider, Mirror Strider
Bottom: Aqua Strider, Dancing Water Skimmer

Top: Ancona Chicken
Bottom: Szechuan Chicken, Chicken

Top: Rapana Whelk, Rusty Snail
Bottom: Silkbead Snail, Shimmershell Snail

Top: Both Sumprush Rodent
Bottom: Both Bucktooth Flapper

Top: Mei Li Sparkler, Darkmoon Glowfly
Bottom: Shrine Fly, Effervescent Glowfly


  1. What about the four scarab beetle colors?

    I *did* have all the beetle colors (not all rare), back when I had color-changers, now I need to go back and catch at least one more (will definitely need two scarab hatchlings).

    1. @Gorman: Yup, I have all the Scarab colors as well, but they're so unique I didn't include them in with the beetles.

  2. Didn't notice there were so many different colors for some of these pets, now the OCD in me needs to go get them ~_~ !

    1. @Avarre: Really love that we can capture so many different colors. Since many wild pet models are re-used, it's nice to at least have a skin change.

    2. Good work on these color challenges, always helps me tons on getting different skins for my pets. Continue your great work. Thanks!


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