Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Retroactive Upgrade to Quality

Mumper recently confirmed on Twitter that developers have worked out a way to retroactively change pet quality!
"I was waiting for confirmation.. Woohoo! Red Cricket, Singing Cricket and Darkmoon Hatchling should all convert to rare now."
This is fantastic news for many that wished for a rare, only to find out that their pet's quality was incorrectly assigned upon implementation.

Unfortunately for those that wanted to keep their "unique" uncommon version of the Darkmoon Hatchling, it seems that this baby birdie wasn't mean to be anything other than top notch.

Side note: I can't confirm this myself, but could it be possible that if you caged the uncommon quality version of the hatchling before fix, that it stayed uncommon...?

I haven't logged in to check my own Red Cricket yet, but I hope it's true! I'm not entirely sure if this new tech has been fully implemented yet, or if it's working on all realms. It might take another maintenance day or more for it to get rolling and make the changes for all players.

So if your pets haven't converted quality, hang tight! Hopefully everything will work out soon.


  1. I used a rare upgrade stone on my poor Red Cricket (grrrr, Sho!) about a week ago. Wonder if they'll refund the stone?

    1. @warriorwez: I've read a few reports saying that a GM was kind enough to refund their battle-stone, but I wouldn't count on it. It would depend heavily on how you word the ticket and if the GM you speak with is sympathetic to your case.

  2. My Darkmoon Hatchling was in cage and is still uncommon. I'll wait a little bit to see if there is a change. I don't have crickets yet.

    1. @Cleophis: Hope the hatchling stays uncommon for you if that was your goal! :)

  3. Yay, mine were upgraded. Thanks for the good news!


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