Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pet Battle Dailies Tracker Addon

I normally don't review addons since I try to keep the ones I use to a min, but I absolutely must discuss this one. It's just that awesome. :P

If you're like me, and you have trouble keeping track of all the Tamer dailies and which ones you've done/haven't completed each day, this mod will be such a blessing! It's called Battle Pet Daily Tamer, and it highlights all the tamer dailies on your world map with the iconic paw print. Once you've completed a daily, the paw print will disappear, leaving only the ones you haven't defeated for that day.

You can view the icon from a range of map views, from zoomed out to zoomed in.

Dailies that reward the bag are marked with a green paw print, while regular pet dailies are shown in blue. By default, only the Grand Master and Spirit Tamer dailies are shown, but you can toggle the regular pet dailies on and off in the interface menu. Yay for options! :D

Another great thing about this addon is that it provides basic information on each Tamer team. If you hover over each paw print, it will show you what family of pets that particular Tamer has on their team, as well as the battle level. This is very helpful, especially for those just starting out and haven't had the time to memorize each team. :)

I adore this addon, and I'm so glad Arvelayne from WarcraftPets recommended it. This mod allows me to multitask without fear of forgetting what my daily progress is each day. I can start doing the dailies, then queue up for a heroic dungeon, play on my farm, and other misc tasks, but I'll still be able to go back and pick up where I left off on my pet dailies.

It's such a helpful mod! Now I don't have to use a spreadsheet and notepad to keep track of my daily progress. XD


  1. That sounds like a great addon, I'll check it out.

    Also, once you have Porcupette is there any reason to still be doing the Grand Masters?

    1. @Raax: I continue to do them for a shot at battle-stones! :)

  2. Awesome, this looks like it could work great with PetBattle Teams. Would remove the need for my dreaded spreadsheets altogether, since you can name your teams now. Can't wait to try it :)

  3. Sounds great! I will definately be using this :)


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