Friday, December 7, 2012

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Some recent notable Tweets from Mumper:
Battle Pet Bandages -
Q: Any chance we can see an increase in the stack size for Battle Pet Bandages? I'm using 10 bag slots on them.

A: on tap for 5.2. Will probably make them BOA too.
Safari Hat -
Q: Went through 3 GM's all of which are unwilling and/or unable to send me the hat. Pooey. :(

A: We are working on a hotfix we feel pretty confident about, hold tight.
Color-changers -
Q: After changing the Dragon Kite to a battle pet, was the RNG of 1 of 3 colors removed? I see it only comes in purple now?

A: Yes, battle pets only save one color. We are investigating a way to get color changers back for 5.2.0.
Good to hear that devs are still working on these little nuisances. Hopefully everyone will get their Safari Hats in the very near future, and I can't wait for pet bandages to become BoA. I have so many on an alt that I rarely battle on, but I use to do one of the Tamer dailies lol.

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