Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hotfix That Doesn't Feel Like a Fix

Mumper announced on Twitter that there's been a hotfix for the logging out/alt+F4 method of exiting a battle and not despawning pets.
"Another note, we have hotfixed the issue with pets respanwing from players disconnecting (alt-f4ing) out of the game."
I don't know how to feel about this fix. On one hand, I can understand that ok, it wasn't intended and therefore it was hotfixed.

However, I think this "bug" did more good than harm overall. Not only did it make accidentally or unintentionally disconnecting during a battle less punishing (because let's face it, ISP providers, modems and routers can act up sometimes), it also made it possible to help friends find certain pets of a specific kind (quality, color, etc.). Since we can't trade wild pets, at least we could use the log out method and still help others find their "perfect" pet.

Thoughtful players also utilized this alt+F4 method to help save rare quality pets that they may not have been looking for. It gave someone else the chance to battle and capture it.

I have to shake my head with this "fix". It bums me out. No more grouping with guildmates to share rares that we find. Kinda disheartening. :\

Edit: Just realized that this will affect hunting for specifically colored rare quality pets. The trick to search for one that's a secondary, and then relogging to force that secondary rare to change colors until it's the one you're looking for, will probably no longer work. :(


  1. Wow I really don't like this, no more leaving nice pets for other collectors :(

    1. @Kintarah: This bug was one of those rare ones that seemed to help more than hurt the system.

  2. I noticed this the day it went live when I accidentally killed a rare I was hunting for :( Was quite surprised, but fortunately it wasn't a super rare spawn so I was glad to find out sooner than later. One other thing that may be new: I went to Icecrown to position myself for the whelpling just as servers were about to reset, and they started spawning in the couple of minutes BEFORE the server went down. I haven't noticed that before. I was able to finally get one, yay! Don't know how useful this will be to anyone, but just a heads up to all the hunters out there :)


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