Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Darkmoon Hatchling Mix-up

When patch 5.1 was released, there was a bug with the Darkmoon Hatchling. This caused the pet to be uncommon (green) quality when learned, unlike its fellow DMF vendor pets which are rare (blue).

A fix for this was released, but it only affects the hatchlings that are learned AFTER the fix.

Any Darkmoon Hatchlings that were purchased and learned prior to this hotfix will remain uncommon, according to Mumper. These cannot be changed after the fact.

You can try to put in a ticket to see if a kind GM will refund your tickets so you can repurchase the pet, but it's not guaranteed that a GM will assist. It all depends on which GM you speak with, what their mood is, have they slept well, what time of day it is, which day, if they had their afternoon snack and nap yet...... yea.

*ahem* Anyway!

It's pretty disheartening news, but I guess I'll try my luck with a GM.

Maybe it's my slight OCD. Maybe I'm just picky and anal about trivial things. But I'd prefer it if all similarly obtained pets stay in the same boat.

Plus I feel slightly cheated that I have to pay the price (spend another 90 tickets if a GM won't refund them for me) for something that was not my fault nor could I have known about it beforehand. :\


  1. It's weird that the GM's have any sort of leeway in this particular matter. The release as uncommon was unintended and they should either be able to get a refund of their tokens or go through something like the equipment re-instatement process. That some GM's might take the steps and others might now reeks of bad customer service. I would keep submitting tickets until you get those tickets or a rare in the mail!

    1. @wezmerelda: I don't know what exactly the rules/guidelines that GMs follow when it comes to restoring or refunding currency/items, but I bet many err on the side of caution and don't restore/refund because some players would just take advantage of it. If it's not a black and white situations, and there's even a hint of foul play or doubt, I can't really blame GMs for not giving in and handing the player what they wanted.

      The problem with this, though, is that it's all subjective. One GM could view a situation as harmless and not an attempt to abuse the system, and then hand the player what they requested. But another GM could see it differently and refuse. Or they could just be in a bad mood, and they could deny the request and write it off as someone taking advantage of a restore. Since it's all subjective, no one could really argue against the decision, regardless if it was made out of genuine observations or otherwise.

      So it takes a bit of "GM shopping" to find someone that's understanding and will sympathize.

  2. I actually look at it now as having a pet that in time will become rare, not in the quality sense, but the "no one has an uncommon anymore" sense. I'm keeping both versions!

    1. @Doobjanka: It will definitely be a unique pet after a while!


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