Monday, December 10, 2012

And Bingo Was His (Her?) Name-o

I just found out that my Moonkin Hatchling is male. What's the problem with that? I named it "Lil Quint" lol!

The genders don't mean much at the moment, but I was curious so I checked out this website. It's a handy site that shows you your current collection's breed plus other information.

Simply select your region, realm, language and then type in your character's name. It'll pull the information from the armory and bring up a list of all your pets.

You can find the gender of each pet listed under "Brd" (short for Breed). Numbers 3-12 are male, while 13-22 are female.

So imagine my dismay when I found out that some of the pets I had named more feminine nicknames were actually boys. It doesn't really change anything or affect gameplay, but it does bother me somewhat.

Still, I'm not going to go and change all the names based on this new knowledge. There are just too many to redo! x_x

I did manage to get some genders + names right, though. It's silly, but I'm slightly relieved by this heh.

From here on out, I think I will be paying closer attention to gender when pairing a name with a pet. Am I being too anal about it? Should it even matter? If a pet looks like a "Sally", should I just go ahead and name it that even if it's technically a boy?

I guess it really depends on preference. If it bothers me enough, I may change them. Perhaps I'll start using more gender-ambiguous names for my future companions. That way it fits whichever gender they might be. :P

But what's been seen can't be unseen. Now that I know what genders my pets are, it WILL have an impact on what I name them, even if it's unconsciously.


  1. My Scoured Whelping, named L├Ądy Stoneheart turns out to be a boy. o_O

  2. Number in a database. It has no effect on how I name my pets.

  3. Hmm, I find this suspicious though. My moonkin is also male. Does that mean all moonkins will be male? If so, are you meant to breed pets to different types of pets? I know it's more of a "just in case" thing they did with it for the future, but I'm not sure why you'd make all of one type of pet the same gender.

    Anyway, I named my moonkin "Linny" because my druid's name is Lindele and my pet is a mini-me. So a female, no matter what the numbers say.

    1. @Rachelle J: That's a good question lol. Now that I take a closer look, a lot of the pre-MoP pets are male, but some have female possibilities. So maybe it's random which one you get, but it's more likely to learn a male than a female?

  4. what is this breed talk anyway?
    I thought you cant breed your own pets so isnt the BREED Nr kinda useless atm?

    1. @Anonymous: "Breeding" (verb) isn't possible at the moment, although developers have implemented features such as gender "just in case" they decide to add a breeding system in the future.

      "Breed" (noun) is the way to determine how a pet's stat are distributed. Some pets focus on higher speed, while others have higher attack. There are also pets that have health as their highest stat, and then even others that have evenly spread out stats.

      The "breed" in this sense categorizes pets so it makes them easily identifiable (evenly spread, speed, attack, or health oriented). You can read more about it here.


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