Monday, December 3, 2012

More Fixes

The wild pets Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow have been fixed! Both are now capturable and come in all qualities. Got myself both in rare. :)

Another fix in the works, if it hasn't already been hotfixed yet, is the Darkmoon Hatchling. Many were scratching their heads as to why this particular DMF vendor pet is uncommon, while all the others are rare. Well, that's a mix up and the hatchling SHOULD be rare too.

There were many other little bug fixes here and there post-patch 5.1. I don't know if I can cover them all, let alone discover all of them lol.

We'll find out tomorrow if the Safari Hat is cooperating and will be sent to eligible toons. Crossing my fingers!

Unless developers change things last minute, you do not need to complete the achievement all on one toon to receive the hat. It's account-wide. And all toons on an account should receive one in the mail. If you've submitted a ticket and a GM tells you anything otherwise, please don't mind them.


  1. Wow, really bummed to hear there are some without their Safari Hats. Thought they would have had that dialed in by now. On the other hand, they don't have to go around wearing these ridiculous hats to level their pets (have you SEEN how loopy these look on worgen??).

    1. @wezmerelda: Hopefully developers sort out the bug with the Safari Hat soon. It's a real shame that everyone can't benefit from the extra XP boost.

      I have yet to see anyone else besides myself wearing one. Is it that much of an eyesore that everyone wants to hide helm when wearing it? XD

  2. There is no such thing as this Safari Hat you speak of! Proof! I say. Multiple alts, multiple servers, multiple instance entrances. Nada :( And just kidding about the proof :). Still, quite annoying.


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