Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4.1 - Lashtail Hatchling

mmo-champion datamined another new addition in the latest PTR build! the lashtail hatchling :D

this companion isn't entirely new, though. it's currently a quest item on live servers and is NOT a companion pet. however, if the changes with patch 4.1 go through, players will get a baby lashtail of their very own!

with the addition of the winterspring cub companion, my guess is that this is the horde equivalent of a venomhide mount corresponding companion. if so, it's great to see blizzard taking steps to ensure a balance between the two factions is maintained. :)

biggest question on my mind: where and how will one acquire a lashtail hatchling?

one thing i hope blizzard keeps in mind is that if they insert it as a reward for the current lashtail hatchling quests, some players have already completed that chain. hopefully there won't be any bugs that prevent those players from receiving a hatchling of their own.

another and simpler way of making this baby raptor available to both alliance and horde is to make it purchasable from a neutral vendor. it's not as fancy, glamorous, or interesting, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go.

last thing i'd like to note, and this is really more of a subjective thing, i hope they change the lashtail hatchling companion's model (if it goes live). the current lashtail hatchling as it is in the STV quest chain, is a recycled model of the razzashi hatchling. if blizzard's intent is to truly keep a balance between the horde and alliance pets, they may want to consider giving this baby raptor a makeover. i'd love to have a venomhide hatchling-esque pet! those wide-eyed babies are adorable in a creepy sort of way. :P

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