Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Patch 4.1 Overview

patch 4.1 may also contain a lot of undocumented updates/changes as well as new pets, so here's a list of all the notable changes, updates, or additions involving vanity pets. atm there is still no confirmed release date for the patch, but it seems likely that it will be deployed before may.
- at least 10 new pets!
- the stormwind and orgrimmar children's week quest chain will have a new pet reward that players can choose: scooter the snail. (note: the older pet rewards will NOT be replaced and will still be available)

- the shattrath children's week quest chain will have a new pet reward that players can choose: legs. (note: the older pet rewards will NOT be replaced and will still be available)

- two new archaeology pets: pterrordax hatchling (fossil) and voodoo figurine (troll).

- a possible conclusion to the lashtail hatchling quest chain, pet included?
- two new pet collecting achievements: petting zoo and menagerie. neither will award a pet.

- an update to companion sounds: some pets that did not have any on-click vocalizations prior to the patch will be updated with their very own noises. a few other pets will also have their sounds changed or updated.

- zul'aman will be transformed into a lvl 85 five-man heroic dungeon. solo farming for mojo will likely not be possible after this change has been made, but it's very likely that mojo will still drop from ZA.

- companion pets will persist through log out/log in and most zoning. if you range your pet or die, they will despawn as usual and will not automatically be resummoned.

- an in-game NPC tribute to drrum will be added to the everlook inn in winterspring. this NPC will be the vendor for the winterspring cub.

- a fix for the united nations guild achievement will be implemented, unlocking the dark phoenix hatchling for many guilds previously unable to complete the achievement due to a bug.

- a few pets that were previously bound on account will change to bind on battle.net account. this change will mean it's possible to receive and learn companions between two accounts that are under the same battle.net account. (note: players will still be unable to mail bind on account and bind on battle.net pets across servers on a single account. to move pets from server to server on a single account, players must still pay to transfer characters.)

- the crawling claw will be bind on pick up (previously bind on account).

- a new feature: call to arms will be implemented. depending on which role(s) (tanking, healing, or DPS) is "called to arms" each day, eligible players who solo-queue for a level 85 heroic five-man dungeon will have a chance of receiving a vanity pet found within a goodie bag (satchel of exotic mysteries) after killing the final boss of the instance. the satchel will be bind on account, therefore transferable to a player's alts on the same server.

- a bug that gave the teldrassil sproutling and withers the same skin as a moonkin treant will be addressed and fixed. they should have their correct and intended graphical skins once 4.1 is released.
did i miss anything? let me know. :)

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