Monday, March 28, 2011

PTR Fun Fun Fun

this past week i discovered that my character copies FINALLY went through to the PTR. so yay! i get to test out the new stuff with my main rather than a premade toon. plus now i have access to all my pets again. being without them made me feel so naked and incomplete. :P

so far i've done ZA just once. no sign of mojo or any hex sticks yet. for those who want to solo-farm mojo, i definitely recommend doing it before patch 4.1 as there's no guarantee that you'll be able to post-patch.

since my main copied over after i completed the lashtail hatchling quest chain on live servers, i decided to try doing the ZG quest chain and hopefully find out if and where the new baby raptor becomes available. unfortunately, the chain is currently bugged and i can't move on until it's fixed. so my main toon is in the same boat as my premade; stuck due to a bug and out of luck for now. besides determining when/where the hatchling comes in, i definitely would like to sort out whether or not the current lashtail hatchling quest chain is a prerequisite for the vanity pet version of the baby raptor. i guess i'll have to wait on doing more research on that, though.

other than that, i've been checking out archaeology on the PTR. since it's likely that the pterrordax hatchling will come from the fossil branch and the voodoo figurine will be from the troll branch, i've been concentrating on those two the most. neither have popped up for me to solve yet, although i did get two other new rares.

it probably seems like a waste of time for me to do all of this on the PTR since i'll have to do it all over again on live servers once the patch is released, but i don't mind all that much. companion pets are worth the extra time and effort! :)

UPDATE: the pterrordax hatchling just popped up for me on the PTR! it's indeed under the fossil branch and takes 120 fossil fragments to complete. "could this fossilized egg still be... alive?!" screenshot coming soon! (hopefully i don't waste this solve on an incomplete and unfinished item though x_x)

UPDATE #2: yay the voodoo figurine decided to become available for me too. troll branch, 100 fragments, 3 keystone slots. "a medium-sized figurine of unusual complexity and troll manufacture." can't wait to see what this pet looks like!


  1. "although i did get two other new rares"

    Are these rares that were not available prior for 4.1? If so, do you have details of them?

    Are there any new common items that you've seen?

  2. @NiceBloke: i believe they're both new and will come with 4.1, but i don't follow archaeology that closely so i could be wrong.

    the first one was from the fossil branch, ancient amber (it makes you do the /cower emote and shrinks you down in size while entombing you in an orange iceblock. it's a 5 min buff that's considered a stun so you can't do anything.) -

    second one was from the troll branch, haunted war drum (it places a clickable drum on the ground but i don't think it's complete yet since when you click on it, nothing happens.) -

    i think they were 45-90ish fragments each to solve, but i sped through them so i don't really remember. sorry >_<

    there may be one more new rare for the vrykul branch that i have yet to discover even on the ptr, vrykul drinking horn -

    i didn't really pay attention to the common items, but none of them struck me as 'oh that looks new/different.'


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