Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short and Sweet

or should i say slow and sweet? :P don't get the reference? well mmo-champion has news of yet another PTR build with a minor pet-related change:
Little Snail is now Scooter the Snail.
my strange humor make a little more sense now? no? haha. oh well!

anyway, the little snail was previously datamined, but with this recent change, hopefully it is an indicator that we will be seeing scooter soon!

wowhead's PTR site is showing that the source of the item necessary to learn scooter the snail is a quest. although the quest hasn't been specified yet, perhaps it will have something to do with new children's week quests? some kids love to play with insects and slimy things, right? :P

UPDATE: mmo-champ's database has the snail shell listed as a reward for a children's week quest. it is probably safe to say that scooter will be part of this year's children's week holiday event (starts in may).


  1. Awesome! I wonder if those other two missing pets will be rewards as well (for a choice). Can't believe it's almost time for that event again, I hope they've fixed Dalaran's.

  2. @Harval: so far it looks like they've only added one new pet to the stormwind/ogrimmar children's week quest chain. we may not get a chance to see lizzy and bubbles this time around... which i would be ok with as long as they've managed to fix the dalaran orphan quest so i can finally adopt a wolvar pup!


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