Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TCG - War of the Elements Release Date

for those looking forward to landro's lichling, you can expect to see this loot card hit the market in about a month. the next trading card game expansion set is due for official release on april 26, 2011.

it's still unclear what this pet will look like, but if it follows in the footsteps of lil' xt and landro's lil' xt, the lichling may look the same or very similar to lil' k.t.

i should note, though, that while the two xt's currently look the same, the PTR files shows a new spell for landro's lil' xt which may indicate the TCG version will be getting a new/different or tweaked model skin. (compare: current spell for landro's lil' xt and new spell for landro's lil' xt) we'll have to wait and see.

however if this is truly the case, then there might be some hope that landro's newest creation, the little lichling, will also have a more unique skin when compared to lil' k.t.

sheesh. all of these similar names "xt, kt, lil', little" and so on is starting to melt my brain! perhaps that was their intention all along... i mean, they are miniature bosses afterall. :P

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