Thursday, March 10, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

uhm, what? legs. i kid you not. this pet popped up in the PTR files recently. if and how it will be available? no clue.

there's speculation over on wowhead that this may be a marshwalker (hence the name and the spell/item icon). i can definitely see how a conclusion like that could come about, but blizzard has thrown us curve-balls before, so i'm just going to wait and see what this one could be. or if it will even be available to players once patch 4.1 goes live.

part of me would enjoy having a baby marshwalker but then again... how morbid interesting would it be to have just a random severed leg hobbling next to you? i mean, we already have a ghostly skull and a crawling claw. might as well throw in a few more body parts, right? lol. :P


  1. oooh I hope it is a marshwalker! I was so bummed out that I couldn't tame one of these in BC but a baby non combat one would be great too!

  2. Maybe its a new pet for the outland's orphan quest, since they added snail to vanilla wow.

  3. @Rhapture: i've always wanted a marshwalker pet for my hunter too, but i'll definitely settle for a baby version :D

    @Anonymous: that would be pretty awesome if that were the case!


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