Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lashtail Hatchling - Not Quite Found

after checking up on wowhead for the little lasthtail hatchling (currently NOT a vanity pet on live servers, but MIGHT be available as one after 4.1 is released), there was an intriguing comment that i simply could not ignore. it directed me to a quest that rewards this baby raptor, an old friend, however there's currently no information on this quest, how to pick it up, how to complete it, etc.

what is interesting is that it's a level 85 quest listed under "quests" and then "raids" which may indicate that it's a quest given and/or completed within a dungeon or raid. it looks pretty incomplete so this may change before the patch is released.

in an attempt to find out more and possibly run into this new quest on the PTR, i tried to complete the lashtail hatchling quest chain on my premade druid. unfortunately i got stuck at the "be raptor" part and am unable to complete it. it may be due to me missing something during the quest chain, phasing issues or because ZG was officially turned into a 5 man dungeon, but that specific quest is bugged on the PTR and there's nothing i can do. literally. when teleported into zg to play as the raptor, i find myself zoning into an empty area that i can simply fly through.
note: to be on the safe side, if you haven't completed this quest chain on live servers, i would recommend doing so before patch 4.1 hits. once ZG becomes a new dungeon zone, it may cause a whole host of phasing/quest chain problems. if the lashtail hatchling does indeed become available as a true vanity pet, this quest chain may become a prerequisite and if phasing is this huge an issue, doing the quests before the patch goes live will be the best way to avoid those issues. (on the other hand, doing the quest chain prior to patch 4.1 could just as easily cause phasing and completion complications. :\ so it's a risk either way.)
hopefully someone who has a completed the quest chain can provide some insight on whether or not the "an old friend" quest pops up for them while in ZG or doing some of the new ZG-related quests.


  1. Thanks for this info. At the risk of losing some bloodsail rep I will make sure to complete this chain. Just to clarify is "an old friend" what starts the quest chain? If not what quest starts it all and where do I pick it up?

  2. @Rhapture: i have yet to do the quest chain on live servers, but from what i've seen on the PTR, the quest starts from "Lashtail Raptor Egg Fragment" that either drops from kurzen's compound in northern stv (mainly the medicine men)(alliance) or from raptor eggs while doing "The Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk" (horde).

    i think the horde quest chain is much more linear than the alliance one. it might take some looking up on wowhead to finish the alliance chain as it is slightly confusing since some of the raptor quests don't unlock unless you do certain (somewhat unrelated) quests beforehand. whatever you do, don't destroy the raptor egg fragment!

  3. Ok after some searching I found the quest starts with Bad Medicine from the rebel camp for alliance. As you loot the last jungle remedy for this quest the eggshell will show up in your bag and the quest discovered window will open. I brought the shell back to the camp and got the quest to feed the hatchling basilisk meat. After I turned in that quest the shell just stayed in my bags as an item I can summon in STV. I the next quest he offered didn't seem to tie into the raptor and after some searching online I couldn't find much more info. I don't know if I should do the other unrelated quests at this point or if I am done? Did you run into any more hatching related quests after just those two?

  4. @Rhapture: yea, this is where the quest chain gets somewhat muddied. Be sure to do the quest "Spared from madness" (also offered in the rebel camp) before doing "Deep roots." while on the latter quest, your hatchling should find something.. interesting next to the troll tablet. the next quest should pop up for you at that point and you'll be sent to talk to a gnome at the rebel camp (he's one of the NPCs you saved while doing "Spared from madness." if he doesn't show up right away, try logging out and then back in. do all the quests for him and then follow his breadcrumb quest to priestess thaalia. she should have the remaining quests of the chain for you.


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