Friday, March 25, 2011

Three New Goodies and 4.1 Previews

mmo-champion found THREE new possible pets in the latest PTR build:
- Pterrordax Hatchling
- Voodoo Figurine
- Guardian Cub
while we don't have any information on where or how or even if these will be available to players, both the pterrordax hatchling and voodoo figurine summoning spells have similar flavor text as other rare archaeology items. it seems very likely that these two companions will be discovered through this profession. possibly fossil and troll digsites? that would be my best guess! not a guess now since wowhead is listing both under the aforementioned branches. the hatchling will require 120 fossil fragments, and the figurine will require 100 troll fragments with 3 keystone slots. as with all things PTR, this may change before patch 4.1 is released.

there's already speculation on wowhead's PTR site that the guardian cub will be a small mini-pet version of the new mount that blizzard announced it would be releasing as a blizzard store item in the near future. we will have to wait and see on this one.

last but not least, blizzard released an official preview of some of the new pets coming in patch 4.1. going from left to right - lashtail hatchling, nightsaber cub, winterspring cub, panther cub, legs.

in light of this preview, there are a couple things that are highly likely:
1. patch 4.1 will be released before children's week (before may 1st)

2. the lashtail hatchling will indeed be available as a pet (and she'll look slightly different than the razasshi hatchling, yay!)

3. YES, legs will be a baby marshwalker


  1. I was soooo excited to see that legs will most likely be a little tripod! I hopped onto the PTR thinking that we might be able to do the children's week quests but no luck. Guess I will just have to wait a little longer =) Looks like 4.1 will have lots of goodies for pet collectors!

  2. @Rhapture: i did the same thing except for archaeology haha. still haven't found anything yet, but i'm hoping!

    i'm so excited yet anxious about 4.1. i hope blizzard manages to weed out all the major bugs (especially with children's week and the phasing with ZG/ZA).

  3. I totally didn't make the connection that the patch would hit before Children's Week. It all makes sense to me now! :p Hopefully they have made the fix to let us get both Northrend Children's Week pets if we already have one.

  4. @Tobeume: i hope so too! i hope the world changes/phasing to azeroth don't interfere with the stormwind and orgrimmar children's week chain as well.


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