Monday, March 28, 2011

PTR Pterrordax Hatchling Preview

PTR preview of the pterrordax hatchling! see my previous post (towards the bottom of that post) or the new pets in 4.1 page for details on this new pet.

(edited for a better screenshot)

oh, were you expecting something adorably cute and cuddly? well this fierce looking pet is what you will get once you learn the pterrordax hatchling lol.

i think it has about the same wingspan as one of the dragonhawk hatchlings, and it also flies with you! it has a constant wing flutter sound like most flying pets have but no on-click vocalizations yet. it will randomly make a small dinosaur-ish roar that's really faint (it's so quiet and does it so infrequently i almost didn't notice it).

and just because i think its face is absolutely shocking to see up close, here are a couple more screenshots haha.

if you're wondering, yes, its mouth is CONSTANTLY open. at least it looks like it has good dental care and hygiene :P

i'm really looking forward to discovering this pet as well as the voodoo figurine. time to get back into archaeology-mode!

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