Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bigger Pets All the Time?

the WarcraftPets twitter posed a good question: if the change to pets (atm they persist through log out/log in on the PTR) goes live, will that mean players will have to use fewer papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuits? in other words, does the size increase also persist through log out and log in?

i'd love to try it, but my character copies are STILL in limbo and uncopied over to the PTR. i'm left with just a premade toon and unfortunately no pet biscuits. :(

if someone with biscuits could test it on the PTR, i'd love to know what happens upon log out/log in after using it on your vanity pet!

UPDATE: thank you rhapture for testing it on the PTR! unfortunately, pet biscuits used on the companion will not persist through log out. when you log back in, your pet will be waiting for you but they will be normal-sized again. :(

additionally, after a quick test on the PTR, pets seem to stay out when you zone as well (hearthing and entering/exiting an instance)! i'm unsure about phasing and being summoned to a location, though. note: hearthing seems glitchy and doesn't appear to consistently work. zoning in and out of a dungeon works, but i haven't tried getting summoned into one or taking a random dungeon queue.

strangely enough, if a vanity pet was present when hearthing, it won't show up after loading in. however, right after hearthing, i logged out and logged back in and the companion i had out prior to hearthing suddenly re-appeared.

in conclusion - it's buggy.


  1. I just checked this for you and the pet biscuit does go away when you log =(

  2. @Rhapture: awww, while the pets persisting through log out makes me happy, pet biscuits not persisting makes me sad. oh well. maybe that's asking for too much :P

  3. I made an update over on warcraftpets but I was wondering what pets were working for you on the PTR when you hearthed? I tried the winterspring cub, murky and an oozling and none of them stayed with me when I hearthed. Makes me wonder if all of this might just be a bug after all =(

  4. @Rhapture: i used mr. chilly for hearthing. it definitely worked the first time around, but when i tried using the winterspring cub, it didn't work. :( i'll have to wait half an hour to test hearthing with another pet.

    i'm currently running in and out of the stockades instance portal with different pets out to see if it applies to all companions. so far, so good.

  5. I just tested hearthing with my Mr. Chilly to see if maybe it was just certain pets that would stay with you. He did not show up after the hearth but immediately I logged out and back in and he was there. So this gives me hope that maybe pets are supposed to stay with you when you hearth but it may not be working correctly atm.

  6. With this change, looks like I'll be getting one of those add-ons that auto-summons a new random pet every few minutes. (My current one may do that--will have to check.)


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