Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New Zul'Aman and Mojo

with zul'aman being turned into a 5 man instance in patch 4.1, collectors are wondering: will mojo still be obtainable within this troll area post-patch?

the answer so far is... i don't know! :(

as mentioned in a previous post, i'm completely locked out of participating in the PTR due to a technical glitch afflicting many players (many, but not all, of whom were participants in the cataclysm beta). so i sadly can't test whether or not mojo will still be available in ZA after the next patch.

if anyone has any information or is able to test this out, please leave a comment! i'm dying to know if our blue, warty (he says he doesn't have them, but we all know he does :P) friend will still be obtainable post-patch.

i don't think it would be too difficult to include the hex stick mechanic within the new ZA, but i'm not a game developer so i really can't say. it may also not be high enough priority for them to consider or work on. or perhaps, like the razzashi hatchling, mojo will be relocated to a new home and may be acquired in some other fashion after patch 4.1 goes live. who knows?

should players go into a panic and rush to ZA to get mojo if they haven't acquired him already? panic and rush? no. but this is something that collectors (especially newer players) will need to watch closely and keep in mind when proceeding forth with their collections.

you can bet that WarcraftPets will have the latest updates and news if anything comes to light about mojo, though. ;)


  1. As far as I know you can't enter Zul'Aman on the PTRs yet. So nobody exactly knows what will really happen there. Since there is no loot in Zul'Gurub I guess as soon as Zul'Aman will be opened, we will still not know what happened to Mojo. We may just have to rely on Boubouilles information he datamines at MMO Champion.

  2. @Anonymous: hopefully blizzard devs haven't forgotten about mojo and once testing officially opens up, we'll find out what happened to him. :)


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