Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deathy Really Gets Around

not only is deathwing running rampant all over azeroth, his smaller counterpart, deathy, is sneaking into this year's blizzcon virtual ticket package!
"We have received a few posts as to whether or not players who purchased the 2011 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket should be receiving the 2010 BlizzCon pet, Deathy.

You all have posed an excellent question to which we are inquiring about now. We will update the thread when we have further information."
- Harlsoco
so far it's unclear if this deathy is redeemable and if blizzard will let players who have managed to claim a "bugged" deathy keep him. it would be heartbreaking for him to be forcibly unadopted from players, but at the same time letting players keep him could be seen as unfair since these players would essentially be getting an older blizzcon pet that's no longer available (other than through ebay) as well as this year's in-game redeemable item. two pets for the price of one? some may call shenanigans.

we'll have to wait for more details from blizzard about this.

UPDATE: according to the thread linked above, it sounds as if blizzard has started to gather up those wild deathies. this means players will probably NOT get to keep deathy if they received him as part of the blizzcon 2011 virtual ticket package. (if you received him as part of the 2010 event, you should be fine)

interestingly enough, a totally new bug seems to be popping up. a few players are reporting that they've received murkablo instead of deathy after purchasing the blizzcon 2011 virtual ticket. given that blizzard hasn't even announced this pet as the official in-game redeemable item... i'd imagine something went terribly wrong for such a large slip up as this to happen.

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