Monday, August 22, 2011


A random and silly thought came to me after my previous post: Petception.

I'm guessing most have heard of the film "Inception", yea? Following that theme, I wonder what Blizzard's version of "Petception" would be. A pet within a pet within a pet. :P It'd be interesting to see what kind of neat and creative interpretations of that idea they come up with.

The best I can come up with would be a sort of Russian doll type of pet (Matryoshka doll). On summon it would produce one doll pet (or any type of critter/miniature item), but with the right emote or action, another springs forth from it. And with another emote or action, yet another pet emerges so that eventually you have a little companion following, but all from one single summoned pet.

Not only would it satisfy the desire of many to have more than one pet out at the same time, it would still fall under the "rule" of having only one summoned non-combat companion out. Granted, it'd be a few duplicates of a single pet, but personally... I'd take what I can get. :P

Anyway, just a silly and random thought!

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