Friday, August 5, 2011

Murkablo Vs. Deathy

while we're on the topic of this year's blizzcon redeemable item (likely to be murkablo), i think it's about time we sit down and have a "serious" talk about his idle animations.

i'm concerned about murkablo's self-esteem levels once he realizes that he's not going to be the top fiery vanity pet. it's obvious he was trained by the same person that trained deathy, and while that's probably cost-effective and efficient... it's a bit of a let down.

don't get me wrong, i enjoy deathy's fire-breathing, smoke-ring-burping ways, but i enjoy them when deathy is doing them. murkablo, on the other hand, deserves to have his own unique animations imho.

not to mention i can't imagine deathy being too pleased that another companion is downright copying him and stealing his thunder fire. murkablo also probably won't be too happy that he will always be "just that other fire breathing companion", instead of "that awesome diablo, chaos-bringing, hell demon pet". note: correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe murkablo has at least one unique animation which is blowing a smoke-ring and then hopping through it like a hoop.

i admit i haven't played the previous diablo games, so i'm no expert on diablo and his abilities, but i've talked to some friends who played the game before and i found out that the boss has a pretty neat fire shockwave type ability. after watching some youtube videos on the diablo boss fight, there seem to be a few unique animations that murkablo could pick up and learn. but yes, one of them is still a fire breath that's the same as deathy's fire breath, so it doesn't seem like that one is avoidable. some other ideas for murkablo: he could interact with other diablo-themed pets, summoning a hellfire, etc.

regardless if murkablo gets to have his own new set of animations or not, i'm still excited to add him to my collection. i know it's not blizzard's top priority to make each non-combat pet extra unique and special, and it probably takes a lot of energy and time away from other projects to change/update companions. would it be a nice treat if murkablo learns a new set of tricks? definitely. but it's not the end of my world if he continues to live in deathy's shadow (let's face it.. deathy knew all these fiery animations first, while murkablo's just a copycat :P).


  1. I also am no expert at Diablo, but it should fight Mini Tyrael!

  2. @Doobjanka: i'd love to see a mini-battle between murkablo and mini tyrael XD then again, i was hoping for some interaction between mini diablo and mini tyrael too but that never happened :(


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