Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Choose You! ...For One Hour

WarcraftPets has an interesting discussion topic on their facebook page: the guardian cub currently has two item IDs, and one of those IDs has a soulbound time duration of one hour. note: both items teach the same spell ID.

for reference:
- the older datamined guardian cub item

- the newest datamined guardian cub item
i'm completely at a loss why any pet would have a one hour soulbound duration on it. is it a new system that blizzard is testing out to help prevent scamming when it comes to the sale of redeemable items for gold? is one of these datamined items just a placeholder/dummy item and only one will actually go live?

there are some ideas on the facebook discussion page that the guardian cub could be part of a timed quest/achievement and the resulting reward is the un-soulbound yet unique item?

so on top of still being in the dark about where this pet will come from, add another mystery of the soulbound time duration. all i know is that i'm confused as hell and would love some insight on this pet!

i really can't wait for blizzard to provide us with even a hint or juicy tidbit about the guardian cub. maybe it won't be as exciting as i'm hoping it will be, but right now anything would be better than nothing.

ps: if you use the latest version of modelviewer, i hear the guardian cub is absolutely ADORABLE (x1000000).

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