Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What the Future Holds

we're in between patches, and unless there are more newly discovered bugs or changes, there's not much pet-related stuff to report. patch 4.3 could be on the horizon, but there's no guarantee that it will bring us new pets or information related to non-combat companions.

i suppose that's just the nature of collecting, though. unlike PVE where blizzard is constantly needing to pump out new material to keep interest up in the game, vanity pets and items are still seen more of... well, vanity. it's a way of gameplay for some, but still not enough to make pet creation/installation a priority or be placed as a definite "to do" on blizzard's list of upcoming content. that being said, i think they're definitely getting better when it comes to consistently adding new pets compared to previous expansions where months and months could go by without so much as a hint of a new companion. dare i say maybe we've gotten a little spoiled when it comes to new pets on a regular basis? :P

it should be kept in mind for those who've collected all that they can for now, that while we don't have a whole lot to go on at this very moment, the future does hold some pet goodies that we simply have to be patient and wait for. there's the blizzcon redeemable pet, the upcoming throne of the tides common companion loot card, and we can't forget all those previously datamined pets that could possibly pop up at any time. it's just a matter of time before we become overwhelmed with the number of pets we need to collect again!

one thing that i hope 4.3 does NOT bring... another mount hyjal-styled daily unlocking storyline. it was interesting and satisfying for one patch, but some variety would be nice. rather than a repetition of dailies, perhaps just one long, lore-filled, heartfelt quest chain with a companion side quest snuck in there somewhere? the overwhelming success of the lashtail hatchling quest chain could be a model and provide some inspiration for future pets, yea? or maybe some ingenious and innovative developer at blizzard has a totally new way of obtaining vanity pets that they're saving for an upcoming patch. who knows?


  1. I'm personally always hoping for a variety of new collecting methods, as well as adding in new pets to old ways. The elemental pets stick out as something they could add to Zen'Vorka's cache, and make them all around a 5% drop chance and unique (so you won't ever obtain the same one again).

    I love rare drop pets as well; the patch where they added the raptor babies was one of my favorite patches for that reason. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt; that's my personal drive for collecting. I enjoy the work about as much as I do the end result of getting the pet. The feeling of satisfaction from earning a pet that way is nice, but it wears off pretty quickly for me and I'm ready to begin the next challenge.

    Major patches almost always bring in new pets; I can't remember one that didn't honestly (not since TBC ended anyway). There will almost certainly be somewhere between 5 and 10 new pets to collect I will guess, and I hope they spread the collection methods out well. I realize not everyone shares my fervor and others are simple collectors entertained by easy endeavors, which is fine, I just hope they add in a few that can appeal to my type too.

  2. Well, considering the new TCG pack has an aquatic-themed pet, for the Neptulon-themed deck, I'm hoping blizzard will continue that trend. And if 4.3 is a continuation of the Abyssal Maw's story, like many suspect, I'm sure we'll be seeing more unique pets on the horizon. :)

  3. @Harval & Mirage: Even if Blizzard adds just a couple new (yet AMAZING) companions to the next content patch, I'd be a happy camper. Any pets are better than none at all! :P


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