Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warm Fuzzies For All

adding any pet to a collection should be a feel good moment, but this seems extra special.

today, blizzard announced that through sales of the cenarion hatchling, over $1.9 million USD was donated to the american red cross's japan earthquake and pacific tsunami relief efforts! :)

this is a somewhat touchy topic since there are varying opinions about this, but i prefer to focus on the larger picture. many fed their obsession interest in pet collecting and at the same time helped aid those in need. whether one or the other was the main goal of each individual shouldn't matter. what matters is that in the end, good intentions were involved and directly or indirectly, we helped.

if you haven't bought the hatchling yet, don't worry. it's still on sale from the official blizzard PetStore. it should be noted that any further sales of this companion won't be donated to the red cross, as the donation period has ended.

i heart the pet collecting community! :)

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