Monday, August 22, 2011

"Promised" Pets

Now that Blizzard seems to have confirmed that the watery-instances are a no-go (for now), it makes me wonder if the "fish in a bubble" companion is still on the table for the next TCG common loot card. Granted, the TCG game doesn't have to directly correlate with WoW, but the trend thus far has shown that there are at least some common factors and aspects that tie one to the other. Still, Blizzard could choose to implement TCG water pets even without an underwater storyline.

Speaking of water and watery pets...

Does anyone else remember back in 2010 when Ghostcrawler mentioned a baby seahorse companion is in the works and might be available after Cata's release? Without an underwater themed instance or plot device, I wonder how and if that pet will make it into the game.

Rather than a "fish in a bubble", perhaps a baby seahorse in a bubble is what we will get as the next common loot card? It would be a pretty neat and tidy way of wrapping both up into a nice package for collectors. (Not that GC promised us a baby seahorse or anything... :P)

While we're on the topic of "promises" and such (and I use "promise" very loosely because let's face it, there really was NO promise made... just a hint of a "maybe"), there is also the issue of the missing mini-elemental pets that was mentioned would become available along with the return of the Searing Scorchling. So far there's been no sign of these companions, not even datamined item IDs.

There wasn't a definite date or time attached to the release for any of these pets, so maybe they won't make an appearance this expansion. That doesn't mean we can't still hope for future expacs, though. Blizzard has surprised us time and time again, so I haven't lost all faith that they keep to their word. Still, there's that lingering doubt that maybe the aforementioned companions was all talk and false hope.

So what can collectors expect in the way of future pets? We can definitely count on developers releasing cool and new companions down the line, that's for sure. Whether or not the mini-elementals or a fish/seahorse pet is part of that release, we'll just have to wait and see.

The waiting game is just another aspect of collecting gameplay, and if I've learned anything from gaming, it's that you don't truly lose until you give up. So it's us vs. time, and only time will tell what new pets await us.

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