Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still No Blizzcon Update

It's been about two weeks since it was reported that the Blizzcon virtual ticket was accidentally sending out first Deathy and then Murkablo. There hasn't been an official update to this issue yet, but from the silence on the threads about the mis-sent items, it probably means players are no longer being mailed either pet when purchasing the live-stream ticket. I'm also going to guess that any companions sent to players during this confusion were taken back by Blizzard (even if players learned the pet).

Until there's another official update, we'll just have to leave it at that I guess.

On a side note, I find it strange that even though Murkablo was unintentionally leaked during the sale, Blizzard still hasn't announced the Blizzcon 2011 redeemable item. This may mean one of two things: they're either really very busy with other matters, or they're changing what the item is due to the virtual ticket accident. With the convention only a couple months away, I'm not entirely sure there's time for the latter, so my money is on the former reason. Like I mentioned in another post, I don't think vanity pets are very high on Blizzard's priority list still. This includes special event companions, although they probably have more weight behind them than ordinary in-game collectables.

There could be another reason we have yet to hear about the Blizzcon redeemable item, but no other reasons are coming to mind right now. Well, we'll see.

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