Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Next TCG Expansion Is...

tonight is full of wondering and speculation, huh? well, at least until blizzard confirms some stuff for us. :P that being said, the following is all based on my findings but nothing's been confirmed yet so don't take it as fact!

after reading vegi's comment on WarcraftPets, i decided to do some digging about the next possible TCG expansion. so far i'm coming up with "throne of the tides"...? correct me if i'm wrong, but it makes sense, right? after firelands, supposedly what comes next is the water-y tier and instances.

well anyway, according to this post:
"The three new loot cards for this set are good ones. The epic is the Tallstrider Mount. This is a unique mount not available in the MMO currently. The rare is Throwing Star Fish which players can throw at one another, and it will “stick” in them, which will be fun. The common is Fish in a Bubble which is a cosmetic pet puffer fish in a bubble. SOURCE: http://www.wcscdist.com/product_info.php?products_id=6255"
while i can't confirm any of the loot mentioned above, i can somewhat confidently say that "throne of the tides" will be an upcoming TCG expansion (release date TBA). wowtcg.com has this expansion deck listed as part of an upcoming TCG tournament:
"Day 2 (Saturday, November 12th): 6 rounds of Draft format play. Each draft will be run with 3 booster packs of Throne of the Tides." - source
i have yet to find any official blizzard or cryptozoic mention of this potential deck or of the loot found within, so again.. take this all with a grain of salt until we hear some official news.

for now, we'll have to just wait and see. but it's certainly exciting to hear a possible fish pet is on the way! a fish in a bubble, blowing bubbles. XD to quote bubbles from finding nemo: "bubbles. bubbles. bubbles. my bubbles!" have i said bubbles enough yet? BUBBLES!!



    Totally can't wait for official confirmation, the first common loot card TCG pet with a truly unique model!

  2. Sounds possible. Perhaps the datamined pet 'Bubbles' from a few months ago making a physical appearance? My original thought for that pet wasn't a fish, but perhaps it does make sense given the description of this possible pet.

    Anything that's unique, I'll take. Nightsaber Cub, though just a reskin, was welcome. This would be a completely unique model however. So long Landro has forged the last of his brand of pets I'll be happy.

  3. Bubbles! My Bubbles!

    That'd be an awesome pet :) So far I haven't bought any TCG pets (other than Bananas) but that one I'd have to buy for a few characters.


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