Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Small Adventure

Since there's a lull in pet-related news lately, I decided to finally take my Sprite Darter Hatchling on that adventure to Whispering Forest, as I promised him a while ago. Needless to say, he enjoyed it immensely. :P

A few more screenshots after the break!

We arrived at Whispering Forest just a bit before 5 AM. Since I wasn't sure of when the main event would start, I was hoping that it would be like most other events and happen on the hour, of whichever hour. Since the faerie dragons were lingering about already, my hopes weren't in vain.

Picture of my Sprite Darter with his larger counterparts before the event. Although I urged him to get closer for a better picture, he was a bit shy.

After waiting about 5-10 minutes, the faerie dragons started up their song. It was absolutely enchanting. :)

We had front row seats! :P

My darter finally gathered the courage to take a proper picture with one of his relatives.

I'd like to think that one day when he's older, he'll be big enough to take part in the faerie dragon song. :)

Sadly, it was over as quickly as it started. We enjoyed ourselves, though. I'd imagine that it would be even more magical at night, but I'm not going to complain and neither is my Spriter Darter Hatchling. :P


  1. How cute! I'm not familiar with this area, where is it?

  2. I made a few of my guilds come out there and watch it. We had to wait two hours. Lol

  3. @Saberella: It's in Tirisfal Glades, to the far west where the unmarked and unnamed lake is. You'll have to actually land or get pretty close to the ground to see the circle of mushrooms, as it's hidden from overhead view by an eery cloud of sorts. I don't think you can get there without a flying mount, but I haven't really tried.

    @Doobjanka: Meep, two hours? Thankfully you weren't all by yourself then! :P I was worried I would have to wait a while since I wasn't sure about when it would happen. Part of me would like to believe my sprite darter brought some luck :P


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