Thursday, August 4, 2011

Virtual Ticket Issue Continued

there still hasn't been an official update on the status of the deathies and murkablos that some players received after purchasing the 2011 blizzcon virtual ticket, however people are reporting that these two pets are being removed from their collection and/or mailboxes. it seems blizzard will not be letting players keep either pet at the moment.

there are also a few reports from those that bought the live-stream ticket, that the receipt states the pet/in-game redeemable item will be mailed to them on the first day of blizzcon. if this is true, this is probably the cause of the entire mix up.

previously, those who purchase the virtual ticket had to wait a few weeks to months after blizzcon was over to receive their redeemable pet/mount/item.

but if this year blizzard plans on making it available as soon as blizzcon starts, then something must have gone wrong in their system. it seems likely that deathy was still attached to the ticket, and after updating and replacing deathy with murkablo, their ticketing system wasn't sorted out properly and it accidentally sent out murkablo earlier than intended. even if this isn't how it went down, it doesn't sound as if blizzard will be letting anyone keep the early released murkablo.

personally, i don't see any issue with blizzard recalling these d3 themed pets, AS LONG as this doesn't interfere with players receiving it when the actual time comes for them to legitimately collect their redeemable item. if by rescinding them now, it prevents these players from receiving it on time later... blizzard is going to have a whole bunch of angry virtual ticket holders on their hands.

for now, we'll just have to wait and see what blizzard has to say. whatever their announcement, response, or update may be... i certainly hope they release it soon.

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