Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beta Crashes Are Fun

I finally managed to patch my beta client, but I'm now battling that awesome #132 error. Joy! x_x

Although I'm crashing quite a bit, I did manage to see some pet-related changes. The spellbook companion tab is now gone completely, leaving only the Pet Journal. Also, the "Info" icon in the journal now tells you the source for the companion.

It's strange though, because although I know many of the pets, all of my companions in the Pet Journal are greyed out. I can't seem to summon them through the Pet Journal atm. I'm wondering if I need to train for pet battles from a Pet Trainer before I can even summon any of the pets I already have. That's a bit ridiculous, though.

It could just be due to developers needing to turn off certain aspects of the Pet Journal to implement and address systems and features for pet battles. We'll see once the beta servers stabilize and I can stay logged in for more than a few minutes without crashing. (I did read somewhere that a Pet Trainer was found in Goldshire, though. I'll have to try and check that out once the crashing stops.)

In other news, the Can I Keep Him? and other collect X number of pet achievements is showing up in the new Pet Achievements tab, so no worries. Players should still be able to earn those pet rewards for the number of companions they collect. Whether or not the same numbers that currently apply to these achievements (50, 75, 100, etc.) will also apply in MoP, I don't know. As a few others have mentioned, collecting 50 pets seems hardly an achievement with the prospect of over 400 possible pets to collect in MoP.

That's it for now until the crashing stops.

UPDATE: A Pet Battle Trainer is in Goldshire! His name is Marcus Jensen. It currently costs 80 gold to train and requires level 5. Track pets currently costs 8 copper and requires level 5. Prices and minimum requirements are subject to change lol.

Oddly, I still can't summon my companions or add them to my battle team even after training. All companions in the Pet Journal are still greyed out. It might be bugged.

Oh, and there's a new cursor when hovering over wild pets. It looks like a paw print heh.


  1. Agh! The crashes are driving me mental.

    Then, I logged on and all my pets were grayed out. I tried clicking on the green paw but nothing happened.

    So, I copied my toon across again and they all came back. But now I can't see any critters anywhere. Its like they've vanished :(


    Raax (or Roox on the Beta)

    1. @Raax: I've found that moving away from major cities or quest hubs helps with the crashing for me.

  2. Aggg, I didn't want them to get rid of the companion tab. Sigh. Oh well. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised but I was hoping I could maintain my private collection outside of the pet battle system.

    1. @Rachelle J: I'm a bit sad that the companion tab is gone too, but it makes things less complicated when trying to add (or re-add) pets into the Pet Journal (if you decide to trade some away). Fewer complications hopefully means fewer bugs, and I'm all for that lol. XD

  3. It seems that you have to copy your character over again and retrain pet battles. They even give you more transfers so you dont hae to worry about the cap.

    Still cant play for more than a couple minutes though without a crash.

    1. @Unknown: Try moving away from highly populated areas and try playing in a random area. As long as I'm not in a major city or quest hub, I can go for a few hours without crashing.


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