Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Destroyer of the Lake"

I love how, regardless of how new or old a vanity pet is, they can still find new ways to amuse me. The comical things that they do are often random and situational, so while they won't be a constant source of new entertainment, they have their moments. Sometimes you just can't help but smile or laugh at the silliness of it all when you've got a pet at your side.

I've been using my Mini Thor on my shaman lately because it just seems to match my xmog outfit the best. She's in no way my main collecting toon, so my options for pets are pretty limited.

Anyway, while I was out and about doing random dailies, one of the quests required me to head over to a lake. Since I didn't feel like going for a swim, I used water walking instead. This proved interesting, because while I could walk on water, my little companion couldn't.

As I paused to look over the quest, my Mini Thor decided to do his normal idle animation which is to fly up in a spiral formation and then land back down. Except I was on top of the water and he was underneath. In all honesty, for a moment I forgot I had him out since he was hidden under the surface.

So imagine my surprise when my Mini Thor rose out of the water like some mechanical, mystical water beast, paused to look at me, and then promptly disappeared right back down into the water.

I don't know, maybe you had to have been there but I found it quite amusing. It reminded me of those stories about the Lady of the Lake rising out of the water to speak with Merlin or something like that. Except my "Lady of the Lake" can shoot rockets out of his arms. XD

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